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With this set, you are offered a choice of which two chair designs you prefer with your order. Throw out a word ending in "ing" and our devoted dog Crosby's head begins tilting to and fro in anticipation of a grand adventure. This same enthusiasm pulses through his furry black body when his eclectic group of dog friends arrive at our glass door each morning, beckoning him out to play. We love them all so much, a table and chair set with this theme seemed in order We thought that in addition to the wonderful portraits and action shots of all of Crosby's friends, we should also pay tribute to a few of their other dog passions.

On this one of a kind set, you will also find some frisbees and fire hydrants, balls and bones tossed about and allaround in a dog-like manner. Fun blues, rich ochres, vibrant oranges and a flavorful cinnamon offer a pallet of colors you will want to adopt just as much as youdo all of these houndies! These amazingly versatile little stools will aid with all the hand washings, cookie dough making, beater lickin' and teeth brushin' that kids want to do all by themselves!

A childhood necessity, these step stools are constructed using a totally green material made from 100% recovered and recycled wood fiber and a formaldehyde-free binder. Incredibly strong and durable, and absolutely renewable. Saving more of the trees for the birds, bugs and creatures! A perfect baby gift, these pieces will serve your child and family through years of growing up. They may be the one piece of furniture they choose to bring for their the college dorm room!

If you are a store owner, a designer, or in the trade and are interested in offering Lilipad Studio products to your clientele, please complete our wholesale application, and we will contact you to set up an account. Lilipad Studio is a small company nestled in the gorgeous mountain community of Hailey, a small hip town just outside the famous skier's paradise of Sun Valley, Idaho. Laura's vision to create Lilipad Studio evolved from a combination of her divine path of motherhood and her artistic experiences working as a graphic designer, custom mural and furniture artist, and interior designer.